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Main Street USA Kitchen


Ephrata, PA

The kitchen layout offers both the beauty of a classic small town early 20th century home along with the high function of modern appliances and styles camouflaged so as to not compromise the appearance.

Design Highlights
  • Large island with main sink opposite range for convenience
  • Speed oven and under counter refrigerator housed in tall cabinet in work area for quick access during prep
  • Prep sink positioned for second prep area or alternatively used as a bar sink
  • Lowered table top attached to island for seated food prep, recipe research or simply to enjoy kitchen atmosphere
  • Back side of island facing dining room embellished with bumped out center section, corner posts and mullion glass doors
  • Selected wall cabinets graced with mullion doors to replicate French Doors and transoms throughout the house
  • Open walnut shelves with full tile backsplash on angled wall to offer visual relief and display opportunities
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