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Seamless home remodeling from initial concept through final inspection.

What if the process of remodeling your home was actually enjoyable? Instead of losing sleep over trying to make the right design decisions and worrying if the people you hired will follow through with what they promised, let us do the heavy lifting so you can step back and watch your remodel dreams come to life in your home.

what you have


Pinterest boards overflowing with inspiration


Multiple trips to showrooms and design centers, but you’re struggling to pull everything together


Vague estimates or no response from contractors


You are a stickler for quality, but aren’t sure how to source high quality goods


A basic project budget, but are unsure if it’s even a realistic figure

what you could have


Professional design guidance in a collaborative environment


An intentional design process to walk through all of the material and fixture selections that need to be made


A contract based on your actual project scope and selections prior to starting any site work


Access to a network of high quality vendors and products


Peace of mind knowing that people you trust will be working in your home

Thoughtful design and client-focused project management for discerning homeowners.

our services

Kitchen Remodels
Bathroom Remodels
Home Additions
Whole House Remodels
Home Office Remodels
Laundry Remodels
Basement Remodels
Initial Design & Project Scope Planning

Our first step is to meet you at the project site to discuss your project with these two objectives. First, we want to capture your vision for the project. Secondly, we want to confirm the vision and space are compatible. If not, we can explore options.

We will gather information about the existing space and prepare preliminary concept drawings. We’ll present our initial concept to you and listen to your feedback. Once we’ve landed on a strong concept we can move forward into the next phase of our design process.

Material and Fixtures Selection & Design Development

Now that a concept has been established we need to further define it by making material and fixture selections. This typically means visiting our suppliers to select things like countertops, cabinetry styles and finishes, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile etc. This is a highly collaborative process where we can get expert advice on specific areas of your remodel from other industry professionals. Depending on the scope of your project we will also bring in an architect or engineer if necessary.

As we make selections we will also be gathering pricing information and putting together a detailed contract. The project contract includes drawings and a detailed scope of work based on the selections and design choices we made along the way. If everything looks good and you are ready to get started, we will ask you to sign the contract and give us a down payment. This sets things in motion for us to order materials and schedule your project.

Site Work

This is where all that planning pays off. We have a trusted and highly skilled network of tradespeople who can complete the site work. We pride ourselves in our ability to keep our fingers on the pulse of our projects. From demolition to final inspection you will be in the loop of what is happening at the job site and how work is progressing.

Final Touches

A common frustration for many homeowners going through a home renovation is that site work is sporadic and inconsistent. While projects often begin with strong momentum, they can gradually lose steam and even come to a halt over time. One of our core strengths is our ability to maintain momentum on a project. We are a small team so we can pay close attention to each project and make sure things keep moving steadily until they’re finished.

Throughout the course of a remodel project, it's common for punch list and service items to arise.These may include minor adjustments or additional tasks necessary to achieve best results. We prioritize prompt and thorough resolution of such items during and following site work, ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with the final outcome of their renovation projects.

Our Process

We would love to hear more about your home remodel project.

Contact us to schedule a brief phone call to discuss your project and learn about how we could best serve you.

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Client-Centered Pricing

The first step in planning your remodel is establishing a budget. Many of our clients come to us not knowing how much the project they have in mind is going to cost. That's why from our first meeting through our design and planning process we work to reach a real world project cost based on your actual design choices and material selections. Our objective is to provide you with the best value for your investment with clear definitions of your selections and scope. We believe our unique approach allows you to stay in control of the cost of your project.

jim martin on site of home remodel
subcontractor working on hood vent in kitchen remodel
Top-Notch Site Team

We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong network of tradespeople and craftsman who practice their craft with passion. Our partnership with these persons and businesses is based on their ability to provide a high standard of quality and efficiency in their service and trade. We have developed a sense of camaraderie within this team and you will likely pick up on their enthusiasm and charisma when you interact with them. Beyond being licensed and insured we have an additional agreement with them to perform their work to our expectations. They are committed to working hard to help us reach our goals and will do their best work for our clients.

Environmental Sustainability

Although remodeling can generate a lot of waste we believe it is important to do our part in reducing and reusing materials whenever possible.

Donating and selling existing fixtures and cabinetry.

We do our best to preserve the existing fixtures and cabinetry that are going to be removed during a remodel project. We often donate fixtures and cabinets to our local Habitat for Humanity to be sold in their REstore or to be used in a restoration project. Services like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have also made it easy for homeowners to sell fixtures and earn a little extra cash.

Use of high quality goods.

In many cases higher quality goods are made with better materials which in turn increases their overall life cycle. That means potential waste is reduced because fixtures will not wear out or break compared to poorer quality products.

Minimizing waste.

Whether it's reusing paper floor coverings and plastic sheeting or separating recyclable materials so they can be disposed of at a recycling center, we do what we can to reduce the amount of waste that we produce on a project.

We value the relationships we have with excellent manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople. Their knowledge and expertise helps us provide superior quality and service to the homeowners we work with.

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from our clients

Bathroom Remodel

“Hey Jim, Daniel and I want to thank you for the beautiful bathroom you created and the absolutely seamless process. Everything went so smoothly. We have worked with other contractors and have never had things done this well.”


from our clients

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Remodel

“There was never a request too small or a problem too big, he took care of everything with the utmost professionalism. We had a wish list of things we wanted in our kitchen + bathroom + laundry room + pantry renovation that was quite long and he was able to make them all happen.”

from our clients

En Suite Bath Remodel

"It was both a professional and personal pleasure to work with Jim Martin on our recent remodeling project. His design work was fantastic, he had great resources for the various elements required, the installation was expertly done and the entire project was managed by Jim without any worries on our part."

Joe & Pat

from our clients

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

“I love the way he designed my kitchen and now I love cooking in it. Every detail worked out so perfectly. He is the one who changed my thoughts towards contractors. Of course I would love to hire him again. Thank you Jim!”

Euikyung Lee

from our clients

Kitchen Remodel

"We could not have been happier with the process and the end product of our kitchen renovation. Jim is a pleasure to work with, began and ended the job on schedule, and was extremely responsive to all of our questions and concerns."

J. Superdock
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