We come with a background in cabinet manufacturing, residential construction, custom cabinetry install, sales and design. This foundation of experience partnered with a mission to provide an excellent experience to our customers is what sets us apart.

Our History (in Jim's words)

Following my vocational training focusing on cabinet making, I started my career with a nationally known cabinet manufacturer further developing my skills in machining and woodworking.

Looking for experience beyond the manufacturing sector I moved into the construction field working for a contractor learning the multiple trades of new home construction and remodeling. This led me to an opportunity to take a position with a high end custom cabinet manufacturer working in the field as an installer. While in this role I developed an interest and passion for design and project management and eventually was able to transition into a design/sales position with the same firm. I also earned my CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer), an accreditation from the NKBA.  In 2013, after 13 years working in the design/sales role, I decided to start my own company as an independent designer focusing on residential kitchen and bath remodeling, serving the client as both the designer and project manager.

This endeavor has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to collaborate with multiple tradespeople, vendors and designers to better serve the varied styles and needs within each project. With no obligation to particular manufacturers, my attention can be directed toward the values of each specific client.

As we grow, we continue to sharpen our original vision of ‘Shaping Your Living Spaces’ with updated processes without losing the personal touch that has served us well.

Our Office Team

Our office team facilitates the design, project management, administrative, marketing and financial tasks of the business. Being consistent with our overall business model, we capitalize on the strengths of each team member and look for opportunities to sharpen our edges.

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Jim Martin

Owner / Lead Designer

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Nate Martin

IT/ marketing/ project manager

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Mandy Auker


cabinetry installer installing kitchen cabinetry at jim martin design project

Our site team

Our site team is a network of licensed and insured
tradespeople who practice their craft as a career and with a passion. Our partnership with these persons and businesses is based on their ability to provide a high standard of quality and efficiency in their service and trade.We have developed a sense of camaraderie within this team and you will likely pick up on their enthusiasm and charisma when you interact with them. Beyond being licensed and insured we have an additional agreement with them to perform their work to our expectations. They are committed to working hard to help us reach our goals and will do their best work for our clients!

habitat for humanity employee standing in front of jim martin design company vehicle

Environmental Sustainability

Although remodeling can generate a lot of waste we believe it is important to do our part in reducing and reusing materials whenever possible.

Donating and selling existing fixtures and cabinetry
We do our best to preserve the existing fixtures and cabinetry that are going to be removed during a remodel project. If materials are not broken or worn out there is opportunity for them to have a second life in someone else's home! We often donate fixtures and cabinets to our local Habitat for Humanity to be sold in their REstore or to be used in a restoration project. Services like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have also made it easy for homeowners to sell fixtures and earn a little extra cash!

Use of high quality goods.
In many cases higher quality goods are made with better materials which in turn increases their overall life cycle. That means potential waste is reduced because fixtures will not wear out or break compared to poorer quality products.

Minimizing waste
Whether it's reusing paper floor coverings and plastic sheeting or separating recyclable materials so they can be disposed of at a recycling center, we do what we can to reduce the amount of waste that we produce on a project.