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The Many Benefits of Working With a Designer

If you've ever attempted a major home improvement project on your own, you know how quickly frustration can replace optimistic naivety. Let's take a look at some of the benefits a designer can bring to your home project.

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When is a Remodel Project Most Valuable to You?
It's difficult to fully grasp the impact future improvements will bring when you start the planning process.
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from our clients

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

“I love the way he designed my kitchen and now I love cooking in it. Every detail worked out so perfectly. He is the one who changed my thoughts towards contractors. Of course I would love to hire him again. Thank you Jim!”

Euikyung Lee

from our clients

Kitchen Remodel

"We could not have been happier with the process and the end product of our kitchen renovation. Jim is a pleasure to work with, began and ended the job on schedule, and was extremely responsive to all of our questions and concerns."

J. Superdock

from our clients

Bathroom Remodel

“Hey Jim, Daniel and I want to thank you for the beautiful bathroom you created and the absolutely seamless process. Everything went so smoothly. We have worked with other contractors and have never had things done this well.”


from our clients

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Remodel

“There was never a request too small or a problem too big, he took care of everything with the utmost professionalism. We had a wish list of things we wanted in our kitchen + bathroom + laundry room + pantry renovation that was quite long and he was able to make them all happen.”

from our clients

En Suite Bath Remodel

"It was both a professional and personal pleasure to work with Jim Martin on our recent remodeling project. His design work was fantastic, he had great resources for the various elements required, the installation was expertly done and the entire project was managed by Jim without any worries on our part."

Joe & Pat
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