Who is Jim Martin Design?

After 13 years as a kitchen and bath sales/designer and over 25 years of in the field experience Jim ventured out as an independent designer/project manager, thus establishing Jim Martin Design in 2013. Since then we have completed over 100 remodel projects and have developed lasting relationships with many clients over the years. Jim's dedication to our clients is hard to beat. That dedication fosters an environment where all parties involved are motivated to produce their best work.

Soon after the company began Jim's son, Nate started helping part time doing administrative and marketing tasks which soon led to him coming on board full-time. Nate comes with a background in marketing and has enjoyed learning about the remodel industry. His focus at Jim Martin Design is developing systems and processes to ensure projects and operations run smoothly and efficiently. He is also learning design by assisting Jim with CAD drawings and plan development.

A business is only as good as it's bookkeeper. From the beginning Mandy has been an integral part of Jim Martin Design. Her attention to detail and organization provides stability and the necessary information to position the business to be successful long-term.

Meet the Team

Our office team facilitates the design, project management, administrative, marketing and financial tasks of the business. Being consistent with our overall business model, we capitalize on the strengths of each team member and look for opportunities to sharpen our edges.

Jim Martin

Lead Designer/Project Manager

Nate Martin

Operations/Design Assistant

Mandy Auker


Thoughtful Design & Planning

Our approach to design and planning includes drawings, material selections and a description of work. We use CAD software to produce detailed drawings and perspectives to help you visualize the space. We also collaborate with local vendors to help you choose the best materials and fixtures based on the design. Finally we create a description of work which outlines the work required by each trade as it relates to your design choices and selections. Aside from using the design to assist our clients we provide detailed drawings and descriptions of work to our site team to ensure they are able to bring that design to life in the best possible way.

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Top Notch Site Team

We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong network of tradespeople and craftsman who practice their craft with passion. Our partnership with these persons and businesses is based on their ability to provide a high standard of quality and efficiency in their service and trade. We have developed a sense of camaraderie within this team and you will likely pick up on their enthusiasm and charisma when you interact with them. Beyond being licensed and insured we have an additional agreement with them to perform their work to our expectations. They are committed to working hard to help us reach our goals and will do their best work for our clients!

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Joe and Pat - Master bath remodel

It was both a professional and personal pleasure to work with Jim Martin on our recent remodeling project. His design work was fantastic, he had great resources for the various elements required, the installation was expertly done and the entire project was managed by Jim without any worries on our part. He brought us solutions not problems and was on top of each step of the process and kept us informed throughout. We would recommend his services to anyone without hesitation.

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Client Centered Pricing

The first step in planning your remodel is establishing a budget. Many of our clients come to us not knowing how much the project they have in mind is going to cost. That's why from our first meeting through our design and planning process we work to reach a real world project cost based on your actual design choices and material selections. Our objective is to provide you with the best value for your investment with clear definitions of your selections and scope. We believe our unique approach allows you to stay in control of the cost of your project.

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Environmental Sustainability

Although remodeling can generate a lot of waste we believe it is important to do our part in reducing and reusing materials whenever possible.

Donating and selling existing fixtures and cabinetry
We do our best to preserve the existing fixtures and cabinetry that are going to be removed during a remodel project. If materials are not broken or worn out there is opportunity for them to have a second life in someone else's home! We often donate fixtures and cabinets to our local Habitat for Humanity to be sold in their REstore or to be used in a restoration project. Services like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have also made it easy for homeowners to sell fixtures and earn a little extra cash!

Use of high quality goods.
In many cases higher quality goods are made with better materials which in turn increases their overall life cycle. That means potential waste is reduced because fixtures will not wear out or break compared to poorer quality products.

Minimizing waste
Whether it's reusing paper floor coverings and plastic sheeting or separating recyclable materials so they can be disposed of at a recycling center, we do what we can to reduce the amount of waste that we produce on a project.

Our Partners

We value the relationships we have with excellent manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople. Their knowledge and expertise helps us provide superior quality and service to the homeowners we work with.