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The Many Benefits of Working With a Designer

The Many Benefits of Working With a Designer

If you've ever attempted a major home improvement project on your own, you know how quickly frustration can replace optimistic naivety. Let's take a look at some of the benefits a designer can bring to your home project.

Peace of Mind

Considering meeting with a designer can be one of the first steps to a successful project. Jane, after finishing a full second-floor remodel of her family's home, shared a bit of her wisdom to those starting to make home improvement plans. She emphasizes the value of meeting with a designer in-person, early in the process, and free of obligation.

Jane's remodeled master bath

You'll quickly be able to tell if a designer is a good fit for your project, whether you trust their vision, experience, quality of work, and attention to detail.

Another of Jane's key considerations: is the designer listening to your needs? A reputable designer needs to communicate well guiding you in the process, through easy and possibly trying moments, of which hopefully there are few. He or she will ask you questions to develop a plan, obtain the proper permits, source the right materials and contractors to fit your style, budget, and needs. If the plan changes, your designer is on it.

Industry Relationships

Well-connected designers have comprehensive knowledge of quality contractors to utilize.

Without having a designer orchestrating a project, it can be extremely difficult to simply hire a reputable, certified, and insured contractor.

As simple as it sounds, a contractor knowing his or her time is respected by a designer, with a defined scope of work, and an understanding they'll be paid for their work in a timely fashion, opens doors to a broader selection of craftsmanship leading to excellent results. Contractors having a working relationship with a trusted designer will be more available and better anticipate expectations as compared to a project with many unknowns.

Jane's remodeled master bathroom and bedroom

For any contractor, especially a high-quality craftsperson, time is in short supply, and they're used to arriving at a job being presented with a plan. Coordinating with a designer, contractors know the project timeline will be well-planned, well-communicated, with the necessary tasks and materials in place before their arrival.

Sourcing Quality Materials

Finding vendors who specialize in a wide range of custom services or materials such as millwork, hardware, tile, and countertops is another major benefit of a designer. Intricately cut tile, stone for countertops, or exotic lumber for cabinetry, only be available through a certain vendor or known by word of mouth, who may have a backlog, or supply chain constraints to consider. Anticipating availability and lead time is imperative to staying on schedule with each step of the project ready for the next.

When the plan changes, the ability to quickly find fitting alternatives will yield exponential returns in quality and time savings.
A closer look at some of the material selections for Jane's bathroom

Project Coordination

Throughout each of these considerations, time is a common thread.

A designer working as the general contractor can be the point of contact for everyone involved and define the project timeline, keeping all parties on the same page and free of communication errors.

The longer a project takes, the greater the costs involved, and not necessarily financial. Until completion, you might be living under different arrangements, so minimizing hold-ups that prevent the next phase of work can be critical. Smoothly adapting to project changes saves time, and being able to pivot to new solutions is part of the designer's many strengths.

To see more photos of Jane's second floor master suite remodel click here.

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