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Introducing Shaping Your Living Spaces! A blog by Jim Martin Design

Introducing Shaping Your Living Spaces! A blog by Jim Martin Design

This year marks six years that Jim Martin Design has been in business. Throughout those years we've learned a lot. Every project seems to teach us something new about the remodel process and further develop our skill set in planning and executing a successful project for the homeowners who hire us. We're also very fortunate to work with knowledgeable tradespeople and vendors who have taught us a lot about the specific skills and products in their field as it relates to residential remodeling.

We don't just believe these insights can be helpful to us. We believe much of what we learned could be valuable to you! The goal of Shaping Your Living Spaces is to share our experience more informally.

We hope you will stick around as we begin to populate the blog with new content! The best way to stay updated when new posts come out is to sign up for our email newsletter using the form below. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop about what's happening here on the blog as well as Jim Martin Design.  If there are any topics or story ideas you have we'd love to hear them! You can reach us by visiting the contact page here on our website.


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