Our Approach To Pricing

Our business model is based on providing value to our clients by operating within our strengths. There’s an old saying that a business consists of three major elements, their product, service and price. And though they are all important, a single company will not be able to be the best at all three. Following that principle, we put most of our energy into providing a premium product with excellent service. And though the line between product and service can get blurred, to keep it simple we would define product as the physical materials we use on our projects. The cabinetry, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. are selected not only for their beauty but also for their longevity. Our service could be defined as our competency in design, our communication skills and our attentiveness to the schedule and follow up. Because these are important to our clients we work hard to keep them as top priority. We do keep our overhead lean and our prices are very fair but our first objective is to provide our clients with the best value of product and service.

We hear a lot of stories from clients that have done projects in the past and selected contractors because they offered a low estimate and promised high results. Many of these stories do not end well because of failure of products, mismanaged schedules, poor workmanship, etc. Maybe you have your own story. Though we cannot promise your project will be perfect, we do promise to do our best to offer you great products and service at fair prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a design cost?

Since we work as a design/build company we do not have design charges. We will have a no charge consultation with you to come up with a preliminary budget estimate for your project. As we enter the design phase we will collect a retainer fee to cover the initial design costs and will be applied to the contract price. After a consultation with Jim he will provide you with a budget estimate that will outline the estimated costs of your project. If you decide to proceed with the project we will collect a percentage of the total contract price to cover the design and planning phase.

How much does an average kitchen/bathroom cost to remodel?

This is a challenging question to answer primarily because you first need to qualify what you are including in the cost. A typical remodel project includes demo/construction work, mechanical work including plumbing, electrical and HVAC, drywall, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tile, painting and permits and inspections. For a kitchen you also need appliances and for a bath add tile for the shower and glass doors and panels. For an average bath you will invest somewhere around $35,000 and up and a kitchen from $70,000 up. Though this seems like a lot of money, we believe you will find the value in the whole experience with the creation of the design solution followed up with quality materials and workmanship and managed carefully and deliberately.